How To Manage Your Top Performer?  Do you dread losing your best staff?  How can you avoid it?

How To Manage Your Top Performer? Do you dread losing your best staff? How can you avoid it?

How To Manage Your Top Performer

They key to this I believe is in the word “manage”, by this I mean, manage, lead, coach but never dictate.  If you have ever managed a top performer you will know that they are capable of out-standing results and are incredibly self-motivated. Top performers know what needs to be done and they want to be successful, your job is to understand why they want to be successful and help them identify where they need support and training so they can continue to rise to great heights.  Don’t be scared for them to develop, it’s what they thrive on….

Richard Branson has said: "Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don't want to"

Top performers don't want to be told what to do – they want to be trusted and given autonomy in their jobs.  You will get the best results from them if they collaborate with them, give them praise, recognition and reward where due and challenge them when necessary. If you notice something that you think needs resolving, rather than giving them the solution why not ask them what they think?

Having clear goals is key too.  Do your top performers know their goals, do you know their goals – are they the same thing?  Do your top performers know your goals? The department, company goals? 

Transparency and trust is also critical, they need to know you trust them and they can trust you are doing the best you can even when your hands are tied.    

Time spent nurturing your top talent and letting them know how much you value them won't be wasted.  Similarly time spent getting to know them and make sure they get to know you will ensure communication is always open and honest.

Top performers are a gift....enjoy 


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