Sample CV...

How to make sure you CV is read?  

Anyone reviewing CV's will have more than a hand full to go through - do not assume they will read your CV word for word.  What do you do when you read a book or an article?  Do you read it word for word or do you speed read?

Top Tip 1 - Use key words

Top Tip 2 - Print out your CV fold it in half - what does it say about you?

NAME ADDRESS E: @... • M: 00000 • L: 000000

Personal Statement:

This should be a short paragraph or two about yourself your skills and your experience. Remember to tailor this to the job you are applying for this – echo words used in the job description (as long as it is factual and truthful of course!)

Skills and Experience:

 Bullet point your skills and experience – make sure you detail ones that are relevant to the job you are applying for (stats say you only have the first half page to grab their attention…bullets will stand out so make the most of them)

Employment History:

***Chronological order – most recent first***

Name of company October 2011 – Present – Telesales

Short paragraph details an overview of the role

  • Bullet your duties in this role
  • Be concise, and make relevant to the role you are applying for Repeat the above for all roles……

Remember formatting - if you shorten October to Oct make sure you do this throughout your CV.  

Education and Qualifications:

1994 – 1997 Name of University Course and grade/qualification

1992-1994 Name of College Course and grade/qualification

1985-1992 Name of School Course and grade/qualification


Detail your interests and hobbies; this is a lovely section to really show who you are, what make s you tick outside of work. Beware the fibs that come back to haunt you, always be truthful, if you detail a book, film or holiday, you may be asked to talk about it in your interview! References available upon request

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