Why Using A Specialist Recruitment Company Will Deliver Great Hires

Why Using A Specialist Recruitment Company Will Deliver Great Hires

If you’ve never utilised a specialist recruitment company then your business is missing out on some fundamental benefits that can improve your hiring process, add value, whilst delivering to you, the best talent for the role in question. 

The question I suspect you might be asking is; how come? Let me explain why. 


We Have a Pool Of ‘Passive’ Candidates 

I hate jargon so I will start with an apology. Specialist recruiters can deliver skilled talent who are probably working, currently, for someone else. 

In the recruitment sector, these individuals are known as ‘passive’ candidates. In other words, they aren’t actively looking for a career move.  

Last year LinkedIn produced their Talent Survey Report that revealed that 90% of employees would be willing to have an initial conversation with a professional recruitment company. 

As a specialist in our own fields we make it our job to be connected to these individuals in a discreet and professional way. We connect with thousands of applicants every year. Many of these are actively looking for a career move. As industry experts, we also network offline with a variety of highly qualified individuals who aren’t actively looking for a new role, but would consider a move if the right job was presented to them.  

Therefore, when you come to us with a recruitment instruction, we will have already ‘done’ the hard work in identifying appropriate individuals that are ideal for your role and who will fit with your culture. 

These ‘passive’ candidates are therefore not ‘visible’ to companies or even to general recruiters. We can connect you with them. 


We Are Marketing Experts and Understand All the Latest Recruitment Technologies 

It used to be the case of only putting a job advert in a newspaper and you’d get a good amount of applications from suitably qualified candidates. However, the recruitment landscape has changed and great recruitment companies also excel at marketing; the hiring landscape has changed.  

Faced with a bewildering variety of job boards, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to choose from, do you know the ones that will be most useful to use for your vacancy?  

The good news is; we do. We are aware where candidates are searching for jobs and how best to connect with them? Our up-to-date knowledge will ensure your recruitment campaign is highly targeted and results in quality applications.


We Save You Both Time and Money 

With well-paid jobs at good companies being highly sought after, you could receive hundreds of applications, many of which will be unsuitable. To find the suitable candidates however, it means sifting through each application which is time-consuming for you or members of your staff. 

By using a specialist recruitment agency instead of being faced with hundreds of applications, we’ll present you with a careful selection of candidates who have all the skills, qualifications and experience and importantly who will fit with your culture. 


We Have Rigorous Process 

As specialist recruiters, we will work with you to choose the right approach, define the job brief, counsel on remuneration and create a strategy to position you as the ‘employer of choice’. We’ll advise and even sit in on interviews and conduct reference and background checks to ensure you get the right employee for your vacancy.  

Hiring the wrong employee can be costly mistake. Save yourself time, money and stress by ensuring you get the right staff. 


About First2Recruit 

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