4 (Easy) Ways to Stay Motivated at Work When the Going Gets Tough

4 (Easy) Ways to Stay Motivated at Work When the Going Gets Tough

Motivation is a slippery thing.  

Lets face it, whilst we try and put a brave face on it, right now things are tough.  This lockdown is taking it out of us.  Sometimes, if we are lucky, we start the day feeling refreshed, driven and excited for the tasks ahead. Yet, on other days it's hard to find the inspiration just to get out of bed.  

On days when stimulation is elusive, you can spend your day staring helplessly at a computer screen without ever getting anything done. But, unfortunately, this isn't the best way to push your career goals forward and impress your boss.  

Learning how to rediscover your motivation, right now when you're just not feeling it, can be the key to ensuring you're part of the high-performing team that delights your manager, conquers your to-do-list and helps you to tackle each project with vigour.  

Here are four easy ways to go from fatigued to focused. 


1. Write A Clear To-Do List 

A strategic schedule is a powerful workplace resource. It ensures that you don't only spend your hours working "hard," but that you work smart too. We've got more interactive planning tools than ever before to help us to be smart and get organised.

To plan a successful day, start by writing down all (or typing in) the tasks you must do in order of most to least important. Then, go through your list, and look for anything that you can delegate to other members of team or things that don't need to be done until another day.  

With your refined list in front of you, remember to focus on one thing at a time, this is super important, giving each project your full concentration will get things ticked off your list. Multi-tasking can seem like a tempting way to avoid overwhelm but trying to do multiple things at once is actually a drain on your productivity and get nothing done.  

Additionally, remember to tick or cross off each task as you complete it. This might seem like a small thing but it affirms the fact that you're making progress and can help to increase your levels of motivation. The more you complete, the more exhilarated you'll feel and your brain loves it too!  


2. Take Productive Breaks  

If you never seem to have enough time in the day to get everything done, then taking breaks might seem counterproductive. However, it may be the ultimate way to achieve your goals.  

Sometimes a lack of motivation doesn't come from problems with productivity or procrastination. You might be having trouble with your task because you're looking at it from the wrong perspective or you're struggling to find your creativity. 

If that's the case then it's useful to pull yourself out of your typical environment and take some time to refresh your mind. Walk away from your screen and do something else. I appreciate that you can't go for a coffee with a colleague but you can walk, breathe or read something mindful.  

A break can be particularly productive when you can't stop obsessing over a problem. Stepping outside of the situation for a moment or talking to someone else about your issue will help you to recognise the things you need help with, as well as the things you can't control.  


3. Surround Yourself with the Right People 

The people around you can affect your mood. We're no longer struggling to overcome the negativity of someone at the desk next to ours, however they may be pinging messages to group boards or emailing. If that's the case then it'll be much harder for you to focus on finding your own motivation.  

Interact with positive people whenever possible. Psychology tells us that emotions are contagious. If your entire team is addressing a project with doom and gloom, why not be the person who finds the silver lining? 

Suggest looking at a task from a different perspective, and you may find that everyone ends up feeling more inspired.  


4. Celebrate the Little Things  

Finally, regardless of whether you're a whiz at what you do or work hard to attain it, it's important to recognise your skills and reward yourself for the things you accomplish. It's tough to succeed in any industry these days, so it's worth patting yourself on the back for the things you do.  

Whenever you tick an item off your to-do list, give yourself a mental pat on the back. When you get half-way through your project, treat yourself to a cup of tea or a coffee and a mini celebration! Remember that everything you do right is another step towards success with your career plan.  

If you're the head of a team, you can improve the entire company culture by encouraging the people you work with to celebrate their wins too. I appreciate you can't take everyone out for lunch but there are so many ideas around now about how to show your appreciation for your team members - there are no excuses not to show your team just how wonderful they are, how much you support them or highlight the efforts of an individual


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