How To Manage Your Job Search?

How To Manage Your Job Search?

With more and more employers hiring, jobs are moving fast!  Make sure you move quickly but make all the right choices.

  1. Make sure your CV is updated with your latest information (you’d be surprised how many CV’s we see that don’t have a valid phone number or any number at all!)
  2. Choose a few good Agencies/Recruitment Consultants to register with.
  3. Apply for adverts – if you see several adverts that look like the same role, send your CV to them all (not all agencies will look for the same thing in CV’s) so spread the risk.  DON’T let more than one agency send your CV for a role though, this does more harm than good and dilutes the impact of your CV.  Make sure you choose which Agency/Recruitment Consultant to work with wisely and make sure they have told you all about the role / company and understand what you bring to the role.
  4. Update your LinkedIn profile – more and more recruiters and employers use LinkedIn to spot talent so make sure your profile stands out.
  5. Be careful what potential employers and recruiters can see about you on Facebook and the internet in general.  Google yourself if you are unsure and see what you find…what you see others will see!

        6. Interviews: It’s like waiting for a bus, you can guarantee you’ll have no interviews and then they will all come at once.

        7. Offers: Don’t feel forced to accept the first role you are offered, this is your future so be sure you’re making the right choices…go to all your interviews and weigh them all up.  I know it is difficult and you might worry you’ll lose the original offer but work with your Recruitment Consultants, 9 times out of 10 they will try to bring any other interviews forward.


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