A Match Made in Heaven…..How In-House Recruiters and Recruitment Agencies Can Work Together

A Match Made in Heaven…..How In-House Recruiters and Recruitment Agencies Can Work Together

When someone hands in their notice, an employer is left with the choice of handing the task of finding a replacement to the in-house ‘recruitment person’ whether that’s the hiring manager, the HR manager,or even the MD – or they can outsource to an agency.

There’s a widespread belief that using a recruitment agency is more expensive than using in-house staff to recruit and this can be an area in which companies believe that they can save money. However the reverse is frequently true.


At face value, using recruitment agencies may look costly. But, on balance, direct recruitment has immediate and indirect costs to a business, for example, draining away time from managers. You can turn to an HR manager but with lots on their plate already, recruitment figures low on their priority list, so the task gets put to one side, making the hiring process long and drawn-out.  Similarly, a recruitment manager usually hires across the whole of the business – in practice, for example, they will be sourcing for skilled roles like Audit, TAX and Accounting but also other departmental roles at every level.  They could be handling 30-50 roles at a time across the business, which will make them very reactive, and unlikely to have an in-depth network or the time to source directly.

We hear horror stories from clients who have tried to manage their recruitment process, interviewing more than twenty people only to hire none of them and find themselves back at square one. In this candidate-driven market, it should not be taking companies months or even years to fill a role.

So is it worth building a relationship with a recruitment agency?  We think it’s a no-brainer – and here’s why:


They can bring in the right talent

In-house recruitment may argue that they have the ‘inside track’ on the company, its policies, ethics and ethos.  However, a reputable recruitment agency will quickly and effectively become the company expert, listening and consulting to ascertain the company’s exact requirements, not only professionally but also for the ‘soft skills’ that the ideal candidate will possess.  This means that candidates submitted for screening by the agency will have the necessary personal and professional attributes to fit into both the role and the company.  This in turn shortens the screening process, saving the hiring company both time and money.  What’s not to like?


They save time

It’s a lot easier and time-effective for a busy in-house recruiter to brief an agency on a role rather than deal with direct applicants.  By giving the task to someone with the time to manage the process and access the very best candidates, an employer is much more likely to fill that empty seat a lot faster – and because the person is the right match, they’re more likely to retain them too.  A win-win.


They can source from a much wider talent pool

With an enormous network, contracts with the best advertisers and the means to proactively source from companies desired by the client, an agency can offer a very targeted search.

Most companies will be aware of recruitment costs and often think that they can advertise the role themselves to save money.  What this does is limit access to talent.  They are only able to source from 20% of the market which means the calibre won’t always be the best.  Applicants will need screening, which takes time – prolonging the process even more.  A recruiter will move away from the 20% actively seeking a job and start to dig deep – into the 60% who are interested in moving for the right opportunity (the other 20% aren’t interested in moving), increasing the likelihood of finding the best fit for a role.


They can guarantee results – with exclusivity

An agency will not be motivated if the brief is given to lots of other suppliers.  Give the brief to one agency with a deadline and they will be driven to find the best fit for the role and source from 80% of the market. When you give a recruiter exclusivity, they move away from the active 20% on the market and start to dig deep – into the 60% who are interested in moving for the right opportunity.  As the talent pool broadens, so does the likelihood of finding a high calibre candidate and filling the role not only more quickly – but with the right person.


They are cost-effective

Getting the hiring process right is the best investment a company can make.  When you bring top-notch candidates who fit into the team and the company work culture on board, they are going to help drive the business forward – making the investment in hiring money well spent.

In a competitive market, companies really can’t afford to get the hiring process wrong. It really is worth getting to know us.


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