5 Reasons to Accept a Temporary Role

5 Reasons to Accept a Temporary Role

A temporary role might not be the dream solution to your unemployment status, but it can be the ultimate way to begin opening doors for your future. Did you know that both Stephen Spielberg and Simon Cowell started off temping?  

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates began their world-changing professions with internships, and Ursula Burns had a holiday post at Xerox before she became the brand CEO and the first African American women at the head of a Fortune 500 company.  

A permanent position isn't the only option for lucrative growth development. Here, we'll look at 5 reasons why a temporary job might be the perfect way to kick-start your career. 


1. It's a Simple Way to Avoid a Gap in Your CV 

If you're flexible with salary and benefit packages requirements, then securing a temporary role can be a quick, low-effort process. All you need is the right cover letter and CV, tailor-made for your chosen position, and the help of a specialist recruitment agency.  

Temp jobs allow you to reduce any awkward blanks in your history while gathering as much experience as possible. After all, while an employment void won't always be a deal-breaker in the search for a new career, it can sometimes make you appear less motivated and dedicated.  


2. You Can Discover New Roles, Employers, and Sectors 

If you're not sure which direction you want your career to go in, and you're keen to explore new companies, then a temporary role offers unparalleled opportunities for research. You can get to know your employer, showcase your professional value in a specific industry, and decide which course is most appealing for your future.  

For instance, at first2recruit we provide listings in many sectors, all the way from engineering, to accounting and manufacturing. The more you experiment, the more you'll learn about your preferences and affinities, so you can find your perfect profession. 

Your time as a temp might even be enough to develop relationships with leaders and executives who begin to see you as an invaluable employee.  


3. You Will Develop New Experience and Skills 

Employers are always searching for the top-performing candidates. Temporary work can provide a great development solution for professionals who want to expand their horizons, fill up their CV and experience new things. With a temp role, you can work with multiple companies before you choose the organisation that's right for you! 

A temporary assignment can help team members to discover an entirely new set of skills, perfect for almost any discipline. What's more, you'll be able to adapt to different management styles and company cultures, test-driving your future career and opening new doors in your professional life.  

The more experience you get, the more you'll earn the attention of future hiring managers capable of offering more significant responsibilities, better remuneration, and faster paths to advancement.  


4. Temping is a Great Way to Start Networking 

While you can meet great people at various sector-specific conferences, and augment your social sphere with LinkedIn requests, there's no better way to network with other professionals than to work alongside them. By dipping your toes into various businesses as a temp, you'll be able to connect with a variety of people, capable of singing your praises when the occasion calls for it.  

Who better to attest to your expertise, competency, and skills than someone who's seen them all in action?  

If you focus on delivering an incredible performance, developing your teamwork abilities, and expanding your network, the possibilities are endless.  


5. A Temporary Role Can Quickly Become a Permanent Job 


Finally, one of the best things about temp assignments is that they don't have to stay temporary forever. The more you demonstrate your exceptional work ethic and professional value, the more likely you are to transform that transitionary role into a permanent position.  

When spaces appear within a team, companies are more likely to offer the hours available to temporary employee who has already proven their worth than beginning looking for a candidate from scratch. After all, recruitment can be an expensive, and time-consuming process. That means that you may have first dibs on any relevant jobs that appear during your time with a business.  

In fact, temporary work can even place you at the top of an organisation's candidacy list when they're looking for staff in the future too, so you're less likely to flounder if you ever find yourself facing unemployment.  

What next? 

Temporary jobs might not offer the security of permanent positions, but they still have plenty of benefits to provide your career. If you're ready to begin your exploration into temp roles, get in touch with First2Recruit today. Call us on 01722 441 434 or email us here.