The Secret to Hiring Great Seasonal Temporary Team Members

The Secret to Hiring Great Seasonal Temporary Team Members

Most companies experience an "ebb and flow" in market demand. For instance, retailers and the commercial sector are often busiest during the winter rush around the festive period, while financial experts feel the pinch around tax season.  

Usually, the simplest way to take the extra strain of your employees, streamline workflow, and essential access skills, is to hire temporary team members. These professionals can give you a quick, and cost-effective way to fill the gap until your business regains its natural balance.  



Of course, if you're considering using  recruitment to expand your headcount during your busy season, it's important to be prepared. Though temps can provide a range of benefits to growing and established organisations, it's still crucial to ensure you're hiring the right applicants 

So, what's the secret to sourcing the perfect seasonal staff? 


The Benefits of Seasonal Temp Employees  

First, let's look at why temporary professionals are so useful to employ. 

While seasonal hiring isn't an option for all companies, it can be a great way for various sectors to manage their workload more effectively, boost productivity, and reduce risk. When you access short-term candidates through a specialist recruitment agency, you get:  

  1. Faster, more straightforward hiring: Temps are often open to flexible roles and unique job arrangements, which means that you can find the skills you need in a shorter amount of time. That saves you time and money on contracting and enrolment.  

  2. Efficiency: Seasonal hires are focused and dedicated. Because many of these individuals are keen to find opportunities for long-term roles, they're more likely to go above and beyond for your company.  

  3. Cost Savings: There are countless money-saving opportunities available to organisations hiring temporary staff. You won't need to train your new team members and you are hiring them for a set period of time to help out, rather than employing permanently with all the associated costs. 

  4. Flexibility: Short-term assignments offer flexibility to employers and candidates alike. You can access the expertise you need for a specific period, without the headache of complicated interviews and retention strategies.  

  5. Minimal admin requirements: Businesses don't need to worry about seasonal onboarding talent. Instead, you can keep administrative headaches low, and allow your new professionals to jump head-first into their temporary role.  


How to Hire Sensational Short-term Employees 

When "that time of year" arrives for your company, there's a good chance you'll be competing with similar organisations in your sector searching for the same short-term candidates like you.  

Although recruiting seasonal staff can be much more straightforward than looking for permanent hires, you'll still need to ensure you're taking the right steps to boost your chances of a successful hire. Here are just a few ways you can improve your search for temporary talent.  

1. Create Clear Job Descriptions 

Your business needs seasonal team members with specific skills if you want to get ahead of the competition. Finding the right candidate means making your requirements crystal clear, with plenty of guidance and detail.   

While training and onboarding sessions can sometimes fill the gaps for permanent employees who need a little extra support to shine, temps have to hit the ground running to deliver real value to their employers. The last thing you want is any confusion around the qualifications that are necessary for the role in question. 

Make sure that your job descriptions outline everything you absolutely must have  in a seasonal worker.  

2. Don't Ignore Business Culture 

Finally, remember that temporary hires can sometimes transform into permanent staff in the right circumstances. In fact, many companies that use recruitment agencies consider temps to be the perfect way to find full-time talent for the future. That's why it's a good idea to look for candidates that suit your company culture.  

Hiring employees that fit seamlessly into your organisation can simplify the hiring process, making short-term staff even more beneficial. The more natural a team member is in your professional environment, the less training and support they'll need to thrive.  

Before you hire your seasonal superstar, make sure their ambitions and work ethics align with your culture.   


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