Why Induction Plans Develop Productive and High-Achieving Teams

Why Induction Plans Develop Productive and High-Achieving Teams

Induction plans are an essential aspect of creating a productive and engaged professional team. However, these strategies are often overlooked by companies who feel they don't have the time or expertise to properly manage the onboarding process.  

Research tells us that a third of new hires decide whether to stay with a company during the first week of working with them. What's more, millennial recruits actively expect an induction process when they agree to take on a new role.  

With such a significant shortage of talent in the marketplace, it's essential for companies to make the most of the resources available to them when they want to inspire high-achieving staff. An onboarding programme can be your first step to success. The question is, what makes them so useful? 

Induction Plans Are the Start of a Positive Relationship 

Professionals stay with their chosen companies for longer when they feel as though they fit well in the organisationGood induction training starts your employer/employee relationship in a positive way, by convincing your candidate that you respect them and value their choice to work with you.  

An onboarding strategy can welcome a new expert into a role, and make sure that any questions they have about their position are answered before they need to get started. This can be an incredible way to motivate your candidates from the get-go.  

So, what are some of the other ways induction plans support you, and your team? 


1. A Consistent Hiring Process 

When you have an onboarding strategy in place, you ensure that every recruit to come into your organisation starts their experience in the same way. In other words, there's no confusion about the expectations of the business, or what the company culture might feel like.  

A good induction plan quickly and efficiently introduces staff members to everything they need to know about your operation from the moment they step through the door. This means that employees can soon grow accustomed to the vision and mission of your brand while accepting their own role in helping to achieve the goals of the organisation 

Ultimately, your onboarding process might help to increase the overall operational efficiency of your talent, and ensure that everyone becomes more comfortable with his or her positions at a faster pace.  


2. Well-Equipped and Effective Employees 

During an induction programme, many companies invest in a small amount of essential training for their new staff. This training can help to equip your group with the talents and resources they need to accomplish incredible things for your business, without any unnecessary roadblocks.  

For example, in the accountancy or financial sector, an onboarding strategy might include an introduction to the software that's used by the rest of the team, and the kind of payroll information you use.  

You can also use your induction process to introduce a new hire to the communication practices you have in place. For instance, you might introduce them to their supervisor and the other people that they'll be working with on a regular basis. If they have concerns that require the assistance of an executive or leader, you can let them know how to get in touch with that person.


3. Positive Morale and Reduced Turnover 

For a lot of businesses, it can be tempting to rush new employees through the hiring process and get them into their roles as quickly as possible. However, it's important to make sure that you're investing the effort and time necessary to orient your candidates to what they'll be doing in their new job.  

One of the most common reasons why staff leave a new company is that they feel dissatisfied with their position. Often, this dissatisfaction comes from a lack of comfort in the environment. If you can make every individual you bring onto your team feel welcome and supported, then you can significantly reduce turnover.  

Effective induction training can ensure that your talent feels secure and confident in their job. This enhances retention rates and means that you spend less time in the recruitment process.  


Onboarding Strategies are More Important Than You Think 

An induction plan is one of your first opportunities as an employer to welcome new skills into your workplace. When used effectively, these programmes can cultivate happier, more productive employees that know their place within your organisation 

Since staff who undergo induction training know how to start performing their duties instantly, less time is wasted in the business, and you can spend less money on picking up the slack. What's more, because turnover is reduced, you won't have to worry as much about replacing failed hires.  

When it comes to creating the perfect team, don’t overlook the power of the onboarding process.  


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