The 9 Easy Ways to Impress Your Potential New Employer

The 9 Easy Ways to Impress Your Potential New Employer

Earning the job of your dreams starts with making the right impact on your new employer.  

Everything from your CV and cover letter, to your interview and attitude, can influence your chances of achieving crucial career goals 

Though we may be living in a candidate-driven world thanks to a rising skill shortage, this doesn't mean that hiring managers will settle for anyone. Companies still need to search for talent that's relevant to the position they need to fill, and capable of thriving in the role.  

So, how do you impress your would-be boss from day one?  


During the Job Search and Application


The easiest way to delight a hiring manager? Show them you know how to do your homework. The quest for the perfect job offer starts with finding a position that suits your skills and sending an effective application.  


1. Make Sure You Qualify 

It's tempting to apply for absolutely anything when you're reviewing your career or making a change. However, it's important to ensure that you have the skills a company is looking for if you don't want to waste both their time and yours. Unless you can demonstrate how your qualifications and background fit the needs of the firm, don't apply.  


2. Don't Forget the Cover Letter

While your CV will highlight your skills and experience, your cover letter should introduce your personality and indicate how you're suited to the position in question. Most online application forms will include a space for a cover letter, so don't overlook this when you're reaching out to brands over the web. Your CV needs to be personalised, well-formatted and designed to capture the attention of your potential boss.  


3. Adjust Your CV to Suit the Job 

As mentioned above, hiring managers appreciate candidates who understand the role they're applying for. With that in mind, adjust your CV to fit with the position. For instance, if you want a job as a financial analyst,  you might pull focus to the things you did in that career that relate to finance, such as managing cash flow reports or analysing potential suppliers.  


Preparing for the Interview 

If the job search and application process went well, you'll move onto the interview process. This is the moment when your prep work will really have a chance to shine. Make sure that you're ready well before you shake hands with a hiring manager.  


1. Do Your Homework  

Even a small amount of research can make you more confident and compelling in an interview. Research, the company you want to work with and look for ways that you can connect your personal strengths to that brand's goals for the future. If you struggle to find any useful information online, you can reach out to the recruitment agency the brand works with for extra help.  


2. Practice Your Answers  

It's hard to accurately predict what someone will ask you during an interview or telephone screening session. However, you can prepare for some of the most common questions. "Why did you apply for this job," or something similar is likely to be one of the first queries you encounter, so make sure that you have a response that demonstrates your knowledge of the business, and your unique talents too.  


 3. Arrive Early and Dress to Impress 

When you receive your interview time, take the day off from work to make sure that you're there early. You can almost guarantee you won't make it to the next stage of the hiring process if you're late. Plan out your route in advance, keep an eye out for weather problems, and make sure you have a professional outfit ready to wear. 


During the Interview  

The interview is "sink or swim" time when it comes to impressing a potential employer. The prep work you do before you approach this stage will help you to feel more confident, while the following steps will ensure you project a calm and professional image.  


1. Remember to Listen  

One of the biggest mistakes applicants make is talking too much. Barely listening to questions and offering answers based on the responses you've prepared early is sure to lead to scrutiny from a potential employer. Instead of rushing in, take the time to think about your response before you speak.  


2. Pay Attention to Body Language  

Your body language says a lot about your confidence level and your state of mind. Most organisations will be looking to hire candidates that are prepared, focused, and comfortable in an interview situation. Even if you're nervous, making sure that you maintain eye contact, sit up straight, and never fidget will help you to appear more professional in the eyes of a hiring manager.  


3. Get to the Point  

When answering questions, remember that while you don't want to rush, you're also on the clock. Employers need recruits who can show evidence of their expertise quickly and effectively. Structure your answers with the "STAR" rule in mind. This means that every response needs to outline a situation, task, action, and result.  


Bonus Tip: The Thank You Note 

Finally, keep in mind that following up with your employer can be a great way to keep your application front-of-mind. A thank you note, or email helps you to stand out among a pool of potential recruits.  


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