Invited To Attend An Assessment Day - Don’t Panic…Read Our Tips To Help You ‘Nail’ Your Group Assessment Interview

Invited To Attend An Assessment Day - Don’t Panic…Read Our Tips To Help You ‘Nail’ Your Group Assessment Interview

We're actively looking right now for permanent staff for our client in Andover.

Their interview process is a Group Assessment - this can strike fear into the heart of anyone but it doesn't need to.

Read our top tips below on how to make the most of your Assessment Day...and remember if you are shy and don't like groups...these particular days are not huge - under 10 people so don't worry!

So you’ve been invited for a group Assessment Day and not sure what to expect? Here at First 2 Recruit Ltd we have become experts in guiding our candidates through the assessment centre approach of interviewing.

FIRST THING to remember is that you must still do all of your usual preparation; research the company in depth, familiarise yourself with the job description and understand what the role is all about, and lastly make sure you are aware of your own skills and qualities and how they will fit in with the role.

YOU MAY arrive at your Assessment Day and realise it is very relaxed and there are lots of lovely people there to talk to – don’t let this fool you! Relax and enjoy the interview process but don’t forget you are always being assessed – from the moment you walk in the door and meet the other interviewees to the moment you leave, so always be aware of how you are portraying yourself to other people.

ASSESSMENT CENTRES will usually include some form of group exercise; whatever this is remember not to overthink the actual task in hand – they are usually assessing your ability to work within a team and will be observing how you interact with others. The only advice I can give on this is to be yourself, be aware of how you are coming across to others, take part as much as you can in the exercise but don’t take over.  One thing assessment days can do to people is put them in competition mode; a little competition is good but don’t let this turn you into the group member that took complete control and didn’t let anyone else have their say. There may also be a couple of positions open within the company so don’t think of it too much as a competition but just concentrate on showing them why YOU are right for the role.

SOME ASSESSMENT days will involve some kind of role play; this will be an aspect of the job role you are applying for. One client I regularly recruit for asks candidates to do a telephone role play in the form of a sales call; it’s obvious this is to assess your ability to perform the task if you were successful at getting the job, but this doesn’t stop it being nerve-wracking. Listen to what they are asking of you, try to be as relaxed as you can and imagine yourself in the job as if you’ve already been offered the position. Nerves are fine, it just shows how much you want the job – but don’t allow your nerves to consume you, you must show the interviewer you’ve got the skills to perform and you only get one shot at interview!

THERE WILL most likely also be a short face to face interview away from the rest of the group; the best way to prepare for this is to make sure you are absolutely sure you know what the position you are applying for involves – speak to your Recruiter and get as much information as possible on the responsibilities of the job. If you know anyone that already works for the company try to find out as much as possible about what they do – all knowledge is power when it comes to interviews, the more you know about the company the more likely you are to portray yourself in the way that they will want you to.

We offer all of our candidates interview preparation advice so please be assured that if we get you an interview, we’ll help you prepare for it!

Look forward to helping you ‘nail’ your group assessment.

If you are still worried though give us a ring on 01722 440 168 and she will give you some coaching and handy words of encouragement