Lost your Christmas spirit already? 5 Quick fixes to get you through the party season – joyously!

Lost your Christmas spirit already? 5 Quick fixes to get you through the party season – joyously!

Lost your Christmas spirit already?  5 Quick fixes to get you through the party season – joyously!

Party season is upon us!

For the rest of the month, we’ll be navigating the onslaught of client lunches and office parties, not to mention the festive nights out with friends and family – making it quite likely that we will become a little too familiar with that ‘morning after the night before’ feeling and well placed to render ourselves completely run-down and devoid of all Christmas spirit before the holiday has even begun.

So what can you do to survive the season and come out the other end actually feeling that you have had a break, rather than feeling in desperate need of a total overhaul?  We’ve come up with a few damage limitation strategies you can use to make the revelry relatively pain-free – and still fun.

Eat, drink and be merry (but not too much!)

Christmas seems to be all about excess – but there is not much enjoyment in feeling as if you’re wearing a padded Santa suit!  We all know about the ‘everything in moderation’ rule, and while the festive season is not the easiest time to adhere to this, give it your best shot – it might not be as hard as you think.  Drink moderate amounts of alcohol and try to alternate soft drinks or water with alcoholic ones. As for food, have a bit of what you fancy but try not to stuff your face if you can help it!


If you do happen to overdo it on the alcohol, then it is important to get yourself back on an even keel.  Even if you have been good consuming non-alcoholic drinks in between – the chances are you could still be feeling pretty rough.  Steer clear of caffeine as this will only dehydrate you further.  Instead, reach for plenty of water and diluted fruit juice, or if this doesn’t appeal – pieces of fruit with a high water content, such as watermelon.  Replenishing with water will help your liver recover and eventually clear your head.

Stay active

As soon as you are feeling remotely human, then think about doing some exercise.  A brisk walk, light jog or swim will help work off those extra roast potatoes and any second helpings that may have found their way onto your plate.  Getting active will not only help you feel normal again, it will also be a welcome break from sitting for long periods at a restaurant table or milling around a stuffy function room.  Thirty minutes of fresh air will work wonders for your mood – and help repair some of the damage you may have done to yourself.

Try a cocktail – of the Milk Thistle variety!

Milk thistle is a popular herbal remedy for a hangover as it helps protect the liver.  Take it before and after your night out.  It really is a miracle in a small bottle – eliminating nausea and limiting that debilitating tiredness – perfect for the excess of social drinking that takes place in December.

Get some sleep

Over Christmas and New Year, many people are sleep-starved leaving them not fit for much after a few late nights, let alone being the life and soul of the party.  Therefore, make sure you get some quality sleep – save the big nights out for the weekend when you can have that all-important lie-in.  What’s more, with party season affecting productivity levels all around the country, your boss will be thankful to have someone on the team still firing on all fours.

A final word …

Christmas should be fun so if you find yourself creeping closer to a feeling of complete overwhelm, consider doing something about it – try something different.  Maybe you just need to get away from it all … although we all know how stressful preparing for a holiday can be!

We’d like to wish all our clients and candidates a very happy and healthy Christmas. We look forward to hearing from you in the New Year.