4 Little Known Facts that Can Affect Your Career

4 Little Known Facts that Can Affect Your Career

While the right education and plenty of experience contribute to your achievement, research constantly shows us that perspective and attitude also play a part in pushing you towards success.  

As Stanford University Psychologist Dr Carol S. Dweck says, a "fixed" mindset increases the restrictions you have in your life. It stops you from finding your true potential by limiting your ability to take risks and evolve. On the other hand, a "growth" mindset keeps you moving forwards. 

Here, we're going to look at the little-known facts that can change your future, and transform your career, and how a growth mindset can help you to outshine the competition in every step you take.  

1. The Right Attitude Changes Everything 

These days, when employers are on the hunt for the perfect candidate, they're not just looking for a well-formatted CV. They'll be searching for an attitude or personality that fits with their company culture, and the business they're trying to create. If you're stuck in a "fixed" mindset, then you won't be able to portray the flexible, devoted person your would-be employer is looking for.  

The good news? You can change your mindset. All you need to do is take 3 simple steps: 

  1. Recognise your current attitude: It's hard to start changing a "fixed" mindset before you identify that you have one. Ask yourself whether you're constantly rushing to conclusions about your abilities. Do you avoid taking on a complicated account because you're convinced you can't handle it? Do you tell yourself you'd be no good in a certain part of the process before you even try?  

  2. Challenge your beliefs: Now that you're recognising the symptoms of a fixed mindset, you can start to generate an attitude that's more about "growth". For instance, if something doesn't come easy to you, remember that just because you struggle doesn't mean you won't succeed. Every new challenge is an opportunity to learn and improve. 

  1. Build a muscle for growth: Like anything else, a growth mindset needs work to grow. Scientists have even found a circuit in the brain that allows us to be persistent in the face of difficulty. Challenge yourself, accept the possibility of failure, and dedicate yourself to the process of constant learning.   


2. Networking Helps to Land Jobs 

Landing the perfect career is more about who you know than what you know in some cases. In fact, up to 85% of jobs are offered because of networking. If you want to get the account manager position of your dreams, then you'll need a solid LinkedIn profile, and a good relationship with a specialist recruitment agency. The trouble is, a fixed mindset sees networking as an exhausting source of "additional work" rather than an opportunity.  

Someone with a "growth" mindset, on the other hand, knows that networking skills can develop - like any other talent. An employee with a growth mindset will: 

  • Seek out opportunities to interact with their peers in conferences and events. 

  • Build relationships internally managers, and colleagues. 

  • Set goals that help them to build their community. 

Networking can feel worrisome at first but keep pushing yourself and the results will be worth it.  

3. Hiring Managers Make Decisions Fast 

When it comes to listing things that can affect your career, it's safe to say that your ability to impress in an interview is somewhere towards the top of a list.  

33% of managers make hiring decisions within 90 seconds. Once again, your mindset can be crucial here. While candidates with a fixed mindset often wing it and hope for the best, those with a growth mindset know they can accomplish anything by adapting to the situation.  

Growth mindset hires know that they need to tailor their performance in each interview to suit the expectations of the role. For instance, if you're interviewing for a higher level position, you need to show organisational skills, creativity, and drive. 90 seconds isn't much, but it's enough to shine if you're well-prepared. Taking the growth mindset approach means: 

  • Knowing how to answer the question "Why should I hire you?" with the STAR response format.  

  • Researching the role and business in advance with the help of a recruitment consultant. 

  • Building a bank of useful stories, they can use in competency-based interviews. 

  • Rehearsing until they feel calm and confident.  

Approach interviews with the right mindset, and whether you get the offer or not, you'll know that you're leaving each interview stronger, and more informed.  


4. Getting your Isn't Easy.

People with a fixed mindset hold themselves back because they're afraid of failure. However, finding the right role is tough. In fact, only a small percentage go through to interview. Fortunately, growth-mindset candidates know that they need to stay motivated regardless of how many "failures" they might encounter.  

Working with a recruitment company will increase your chances of getting an offer from the right company, however you still need to do your ‘bit too! 

For example you still need to prepare yourself for the possibility of a no, or even the chance that you won't get an interview at all. Using the mantras demonstrated by Carol Dweck like "Setbacks are informative", you can pivot your attitude until you see the possibility of failure as the opportunity for learning instead. Growth candidates know that:  

  • Rejection doesn't have to mean starting over 

  • Every no is one step closer to the right "yes" 

  • Failure is just a chance to learn and grow. 

While countless things can affect your chances of success when it comes to getting the right role, there are few things more important to your long-term progress than having the right mindset. Get the attitude right and the rest will follow.  


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